Simply China

My Photographic Journey Through China

First and most important is that I love China and the Chinese people. I have been a photographer for over thirty years and when I stepped off the plane for my first visit to China in 2005 I began my photographic love affair with China and its people. I wish I had gone to China many years ago. Since my first trip I have been back many times and I hope to go many more. It is heaven for me to be wandering around villages and remote areas of China with my cameras around my neck.

"Simply China" is a collection of my favorite images taken over a period of five years and six trips to China. It is a large (10" x12.5") coffee table book with 290 pages of images (after much editing) and my China story.

Hope you enjoy my experiences in China and the images in the unforgettable Chinese colors as much as I did making them.